Table of contents


A question: How did he get there?

Early campaigning: Inventing a liar

Chapter 1: A search for bias: Bush and Gore hit the trail
Chapter 2: In love with Love Story: Inventing a LIAR
Chapter 3: Washington (Post) at war: It was the mainstream press, stupid!

New Hampshire primary: Narrative hardens

Chapter 4: Puffing Bush and jeering Gore: New Hampshire was for Heathers
Chapter 5: A campaign about clothing, a virtual wilding:
The press corps' month of Wolf
Chapter 6: In love with Love Canal: Narrative hardens
Chapter 7: Good-bye, Manchester: "They hate Gore!"

Spring break 2000: Inventing a leader

Chapter 8: Rescued by Elian: Drama restored
Chapter 9: Republican Camelot: Journeys with George
Chapter 10: The uses of substance: Inventing a leader
Chapter 11: The uses of scandal: Gore's temple of doom
Chapter 12: Displaying Gore's fangs: Who's embellishing now?

October: Inventing a winner

Chapter 13: September 2000: Keeping it close
Chapter 14: October: Inventing a winner


A question: Why did they do it?