Critical praise for the Daily Howler!

Critics have praised the Daily Howler. We wrote down the things they said:

Dan Kennedy, The Boston Phoenix

Blogging has produced one really good media critic who probably couldn’t do what he’s doing in any other medium: Bob Somerby. His meticulously researched rants are a perfect example of Web journalism at its best.

Bill Press, Spin This!

Fortunately, for those who have the time, there’s an excellent guide to journalistic spin. It’s called the Daily Howler. Every day, editor Bob Somerby mercilessly punctures the spin of reporters, both print and broadcast...If we could all read the Daily Howler every day after we read the morning paper or watch the evening news, we’d be a hell of a lot better informed—and a hell of a lot less confused.

Eric Alterman, The Nation

Somerby has set himself up as the Diogenes of the Washington Press Corps: the only media critic who, day in and day out, sets out to expose the “astonishing combination of dishonesty and foolishness” that characterizes the groupthink of the daily coverage of American politics…

In the months to come, the level of nonsense we will be asked to believe about the various candidates will undoubtedly reach plague proportions. We should all be grateful that we have in Somerby’s almost insanely detailed Daily Howler a partial antidote.

Tina Brown, The Times of London:

To appreciate the success of Bush’s charm offensive you have to see its effect as encapsulated in the archived bulletins of the 2000 campaign by the media sleuth Bob Somerby, whose website The Daily Howler deserves to be better known.

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“Brilliantly iconoclastic”–Gene Lyons, Harper’s

"Essential reading."–Paul Krugman, the New York Times

"Brilliant!"–Joan Walsh, Salon

Cover boy days:

In January 2005, Bob Somerby became a Columbia Journalism Review cover boy. To read the profile by Steve Twomey: Click here.